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August 6 , 2015

New Prices, More Training, Colts Gelded

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Prairie Ponderosa Curly Horses is our dream and will continue on with a different focus after 16 years of owning and 12 years of breeding exemplary curly horses! We now have some excellent riding horses and are going to continue with them at the ranch offering horse experiences for fun.  Our legacy will be to share our love and admiration for the Curly horse to enthusiastic individuals! 

We have owned curly horses since 1995 and have been breeding versatile family horses since 1999. Our dream and mission is to train and own the best that we can, given our talents and strengths. Also to pass on that goal to you, our customer with versatile family horses that are a pleasure in every way!  We want to make the Curly horse more assessable to everyday people.  We have both American Bashkir Curly Horses and International Curly Horses. A lot of things go into Prairie Ponderosa Curly Horses.....looks, personality, versatility, love, patience, discernment and kindness to name a few and our horses pass this on to you, their new owners times 10. "What goes in must come out!"

Cookie Cutter handling and training are NOT acceptable here. We treat each of our horses as individuals and know their strengths and weaknesses to make the best possible matches for them. It is our responsibility to provide only the best for our horses. We train using gentle resistance free training. We want our horses to be safe for you.

We are Breed promoters; Getting the word out about our wonderful unique horses and their uses by inviting everybody over for some coffee, good times and some curly cuddles.

Our ranch is located in SE Saskatchewan in the Heart of the Prairie by the Souris Valley. They call this the Land Of The Living Skies because of the vast wide open spaces which allow your body and soul to breathe. We have a wide selection of exceptional curly horses for sale at unbeatable prices. Everything from broke geldings, breeding stock, to weanlings. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can help provide you with information to find it.

We believe in honesty and integrity at our ranch. Providing you with all you need for a satisfying horse experience with follow up and support. We are generally interested in how our horses perform for you. Centrally located and just minutes from the U.S. border, we have sold our Curly Horses throughout Canada and the United States. Location Map. For more information, see our contact page. ~Rick & Sheila Farstad


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